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  • Valerie Phillips08

    I can add the book, "Aurora by David Koepp" under my Mac but on my iPhone it adds it under the picture of the book "Extreme Ownership How US Nay Seals Lead and Win".  The Name and author is correct.

    We are having all sorts of issues on the BM phone app.   Is anyone else complaining?   Every time we have to add books it is an issue.  Several of our users only use their phone apps.


    Valerie Phillips

     Nextdoor EZ Readers admin

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  • Annbouchard

    I have been having persistent problems with Book Movement on my IPhone 15 Pro Max. We shared previous emails regarding me being added to a random book group without my knowledge.  I did remove myself and am no longer a member of that random group.    I have cleared the cache, deleted the app, reinstalled the app and lo! and behold! the same problem is occurring.  

    I added our book for January "We Share the Same Sky: by Rachael Cerrotti and it appeared that it had gone in correctly, but when I went to the Upcoming Meetings, it shows the book coverof the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association--it does however, list the correct title for the book.  When I initially added the book to Upcoming Meetings, the picture of the correct book came up, but then it disappeared and changed to The Style Manual when I went to RSVP.   This glitchy app behavior creates an issue for people who are only using the phone app and who maybe a bit less computer savvy.  It creates lots of confusion.  I used to use the phone app most of the time, but am feeling that it has become very "wonky" and not reliable...The photo of the correct book is on the web based Book Movement.  Any thoughts about how to rectify this?  Feel free to access my account and see if you can use it to problem solve.     Thanks in advance for your help!

    Ann Bouchard (member of Bella Novellas (this is where the problem is happening) and First Friday Book Club.       (207-649-3839)

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